One Major Thing That Should Not Happen To You or At Your Event This Christmas

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  • 16 Dec 2017
  • benjamin

The season is almost ripe and here with us. So many things have been scheduled to take place. Like they say, there is time for everything. And for all to have a great and memorable Christmas this season.
The time is here for us to change our attitude towards time.

Like they say time is money.

Irrespective of where we stand, either at one side as the patron or the event organizer’s side, we must all respect time this Christmas and carry it into the prosperous new year ahead of us.

When a certain time, is published for the start of any event. let’s be at the venue, at least thirty minutes before time. And by the time the said time clocks, we will all have been seated for the show.

For an event organizer, don’t let this happen to you. Plan and make sure everything is set before the published time for the event. Don’t have patrons who make it to the venue on time look bad or pay for your inability to go by your word.

And to the patrons, please don’t pay for a 100% show and experience only half or less than half of what you deserve on the night. Make it to the venue on time. And have a full experience of what the night promises.

Don’t pay for 100% and enjoy only half or less. Don’t let that happen to you this Christmas or any other day at any event.

And to the organizer, don’t let the patrons pay for your deeds. Don’t let that happen to you this Christmas or any other day. And always remember time is money

Don’t let this happen to you or at your event, let’s all try and be time conscious and enjoy every show to the fullest!